Freitag, 29. August 2014

NEVERSLEEP - As An Animal (Music Video)

The latest NEVERSLEEP single 'As An Animal' is accompanied by this post-human-world music-video in which a philosophical cockroach is chased by a serial-killer pig (both are in anthropomorphic guise) and fights for its existence.

The entire video was created purely with a sequence of photographs and purposely left unstabilised in order to retain the restless aesthetic.

The Berlin Electro-Pop duo NEVERSLEEP released their album 'In Ten City' in November 2013.

Philosophical Cockroach – Oskar Brown
Killer Pig – Dirk Pogrzeba

Directed, Shot and Edited by Niels Bouman
Story by Dirk Pogrzeba, Niels Bouman and expanded by Oskar Brown